Adjective Ethnicity

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Adjective Ethnicity

Post  Kaiser Gutenhagen on Sat Jan 16, 2010 6:43 pm

Disclaimer: The following thread may include, but is not limited to, vulgar language, an excess of emoticons and "Yo Mom" jokes.

Nation Name: Schtroumpfistan
Ruler Name: Kaiser Gutenhagen
Alliance Name: Adjective Ethnicity (Currently Nutty North Koreans)
Alliance Acronym: Adet (Currently NNK)
Alliance Forum:
Alliance IRC Channel: #AdjectiveEthnicity
Alliance Team Color: Whatever, though you'll probably turn us black
Leader(s) of Your Alliance: Yo Mom (I warned you ) But in all seriousness, it's Kim Jong-Il. I'm not kidding, Kim Jong-Il, whether he knows it or not, is leader of NNK. It's soon to be Justin Bieber, though. I'm simply second-in-command, and make decisions on his behalf.

Okay, I said there'd be vulgar language and an excess of emoticons, and I'm not one to lie

I'm going to make every cool-looking emoticon say "Fuck"

"Where's my fucking sneakers?!"

"Fuck life..."

"I fucking love Meth!"

"Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck"

Okay, nice to see you!

Kaiser Gutenhagen

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Re: Adjective Ethnicity

Post  Shinpah on Sat Jan 16, 2010 8:25 pm


I came

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