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Post  Shinpah on Thu Dec 24, 2009 9:01 pm

Shinpah wrote:
Federation of Buccaneers and Troy Mutual Defense and optional Aggression Pact

1) This clause is not good enough to be clause 1. No clause is good enough to be clause 1,

2) Mutual Defense: The act was part of the American Cold War strategy of containment of Communism. Most importantly it promised defense assistance to any ally that might be attacked by the Soviet Union or one of its allies and in Asia by the newly born maoïst People's Republic of China,

3) Optional Aggression: silly cybernations,

4) Other stuff: This clause is to be interpreted by the signed alliances,

5) Cancelation:

[20:16]<Runz|FoB> Cancelation notice?
[20:16] <Cossar[King|Troy]> 9 minutes?
[20:16]<Runz|FoB> and can only be canceled on a Thursday.
[20:16] <Cossar[King|Troy]> Good call
[20:17] <Cossar[King|Troy]> Thursdays at 4:30am
[20:17] <Cossar[King|Troy]> haha
[20:17]<Runz|FoB> who is awake at 4:30am?
[20:17] <Cossar[King|Troy]> Exactly. It will be too inconvenient to ever cancel
[20:17]<Runz|FoB> like poking holes in a rubber
[20:17]<Runz|FoB> We would be too lazy to wake up and cancel! Hmm I like it


Federation of Buccaneers

Pirate King- Runz
Mother Bee- Sagha
Princess- Jacko (NEW ADDITION)
First Wench- Tick1


Basilias - Julius Octavian
Rigas - Cossar
Councilor of the Military - KingKaimen
Councilor of Upkeep - MoWNYCGIBB
Councilor of Finance - DracoDark
Councilor of Foreign Affairs - Nedved I

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