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=LOST= and FoB agree to never clash their cutlasses and lightsabers (I think we all know how that would end anyway).

Pirates have boats, =LOST= has a moon spacestation. If any G-I-N-G-E-R-S try to mess around with either party, FoB and =LOST= vow to defend each other until the the last Ewok has walked the plank.

Optional Aggression
If either party is feeling too hungover to go loot, pillage, or blow poo poo up (Hi Alderaan) they don't have to join in on the fun.

If either party needs some extra booty, the other party is highly encouraged to send some their way using their Mudder's Credit Card....because dude, we're pirates (or bounty hunters), what the devil do we care what our Mudders think!

yesitsbobby[LOST]: Still needs a cancellation clause
yesitsbobby[LOST]: I keep forgetting to write one
Choader|FoB: 48 sec?
yesitsbobby[LOST]: psh
yesitsbobby[LOST]: 21
Choader|FoB: 12
yesitsbobby[LOST]: 7, final offer
Choader|FoB: taken
Choader|FoB: with a 14 sec NAP, just for safety's sake
yesitsbobby[LOST]: Agreed, in case there's forum lag or something
Choader|FoB: good thinking, we wouldn't want there to be a misunderstanding if the interwebz are slow

Signed for Federation of Buccaneers
Pirate King- Runz & Sagha
Speaker of the Crew- Oda
Speaker of the Mast- Care_Bear

Signed for =LOST=
Emperor- Hombre de Murcielago
Minister of War- Ninmeister
Minister of Internal Affairs- Devilyn Caster
Minister of Foreign Affairs- Yesitsbobby
Chief Justice- Wargarden

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