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Post  Kaiser Gutenhagen on Sat Jan 16, 2010 6:43 pm

Disclaimer: The following thread may include, but is not limited to, vulgar language, an excess of emoticons and "Yo Mom" jokes.

Nation Name: Schtroumpfistan
Ruler Name: Kaiser Gutenhagen
Alliance Name: Adjective Ethnicity (Currently Nutty North Koreans)
Alliance Acronym: Adet (Currently NNK)
Alliance Forum:
Alliance IRC Channel: #AdjectiveEthnicity
Alliance Team Color: Whatever, though you'll probably turn us black
Leader(s) of Your Alliance: Yo Mom (I warned you Adjective Ethnicity 201458 ) But in all seriousness, it's Kim Jong-Il. I'm not kidding, Kim Jong-Il, whether he knows it or not, is leader of NNK. It's soon to be Justin Bieber, though. I'm simply second-in-command, and make decisions on his behalf.

Okay, I said there'd be vulgar language and an excess of emoticons, and I'm not one to lie

I'm going to make every cool-looking emoticon say "Fuck"

Adjective Ethnicity 63545 "Where's my fucking sneakers?!"

Adjective Ethnicity 575690 "Fuck life..."

Adjective Ethnicity 928867 "I fucking love Meth!"

Adjective Ethnicity 981699 "Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck"

Okay, nice to see you!

Kaiser Gutenhagen

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Post  Shinpah on Sat Jan 16, 2010 8:25 pm


I came

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