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Post  Shinpah on Thu Dec 24, 2009 9:00 pm

Sparta & Federation of Buccaneers MDoAP
This is how it is'
Going purple on Sparta is going purple on FoB and visa-versa,
In th' event one of us attacks you, you might just find yerself in a hurt sandwich between th' tight buns that are Sparta and FoB,
Friends dont let friends drive drunk (even if its a boat),
Friends dont let friends rebuild alone,
Rule 3- fat chicks need loving too, they just have t' pay more,
Spying on friends is not cool,
Rule 6- "What does her man have to do with me?"
Sparta and FoB reserve the right to _____________.

Signed for Sparta
Admiral Jimmay Horde Beam II
Fleet Admiral - George "the Sailor Jerry" Great
No-Crown Royale WandMDave
Ephor of Flaming Moe's - Sethly

Signed for FoB
Pirate Kings- Runz & Sagha
Speaker of the Crew- Oda
Speaker of the Mast- Care_Bear

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